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Which Tree Stands are the Best for Hunting?


Which brand or model of tree stand should I buy? Are ladder stands better than climbers or loc-on tree stands? When should I use a tripod stand?  

Should I build my own tree stand, or buy one? What are the advantages and disadvantages and if I build, where can I get the plans? 

Where can I find information on tree stand hunting accidents and safety? 


Having the answers to those questions and then choosing the right stand for your hunting environment and placing it in the best location, will greatly increase your chances of seeing more animals.                                                         

And this means more chance of hunting success! 

Of all the whitetail deer entered into the Pope and Young record book, 80% were taken from tree stands and within 10-19 yards.

So clearly treestands are a popular and very successful way to hunt trophy bucks!

tree stand hunter

The information you will find on this site includes: 

  • Deer stands including all hunting tree stands and big game hunting stands such as ladder stands, climbers, loc on stands, tripod and box stands
  • Tree stand plans if you want to build your own stand, what must be considered
  • Tree stand brands information on all the popular brands
  • Tree stand accessories from a tree stand roof, to a bow holder, tree stand security to tree steps, it's all here
  • Tree stand hunting tactics find out how to maximize your hunting results with tips and tricks
  • Tree stand safety with information on tree stand accidents, safety in tree stands and using a tree stand harness
  • Hunting articles - information that we think will make your hunting more enjoyable and successful

So which tree stand is the best for hunting? The answer is it depends! 

It depends on the environment you are hunting in, the type of trees available, and your abilities/comfort at height. 

If you read the information under 'Deer Stands', you will have the answer that is right for YOU. 

If you would like to receive information on tree stand hunting, strategies and tips, accident information, product information, and techniques for getting the most out of your tree stand, subscribe below. 

The main areas of the site are:

Deer Stands

Find out all about ladder stands, climbing stands, revolving or tripod stands, loc on stands, the tree stand sling, tower tree stands, portable deer stands and 2 person stands.

Tree Stand Plans

If you are thinking about building your own tree stand there are some points you need to consider depending on the style you choose, such as which materials are best, how to transport to my hunting spot, and how to raise a tower stand. We have also included some Free Plans

Hunting Blind Plans

If you are thinking about building your own blind, we have hunting blind plans for deer and ducks. They include wooden ground [1 and 2 person] and tower box plans for deer, and 2 styles of duck hunting blind.

Whitetail Trophy Hunting Book

Learn about the skills, strategies, tips and techniques needed to bag the biggest buck of your life 

Tree Stand Brands

We look at the main brands such as Summit, API, Lone Wolf, Tree Lounge, Northstarr, Gorilla, Loggy Tree and Buckshot.

Tree Stand Accessories

We spend a lot of hours perched in trees hunting, so making that time more comfortable can keep our attention on looking for deer instead of concentrating about parts of our body. Protection from the weather, comfortable seating, footrests, and storage are some of the accessories that can keep your focus on hunting.

Tree Stand Hunting Tactics

Success depends on being in the right location, hanging the stand correctly and safely, using the wind to assist you, and understanding the behavior of the deer. Preparation and knowledge will tip the scales in your favor.


We have included articles that we think will help you make your hunting more enjoyable, rewarding and successful.

Tree Stand Safety

I want to return from my hunting trips safely EVERY TIME. Understanding the major causes of tree stand accidents and how to avoid them will prevent most accidents.


Use SiteSearch to search this site [or our other hunting sites] for your interest area. You can also use it to search the web.




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